Die Steel

Die steel is used to manufacture die sets and cores of the dies for automobile, domestic appliances, audio-visual products, etc. NISCO alloy plastic die steel, such as NSM30, 2311, P20 series, 718 series, NSM-HPM, have the features of excellent mechanical properties and machinability with proper hardness, uniform composition, high purity and hardenability, excellent electrical processing performance and polishing performance.

Product Information

Grade Size(mm*mm*mm) Standard
NSM30/NSM35/2311/P20/718/718H 20-180*1500-4700*L technical agreement or NISCO standard
20-40/45/50;S20C-S40C/S45C/S50C/S55C 10-300*1500-4700*L JIS G4051 GB/T669 GB/T711

Customer Manager

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