Nickel Low Temperature Steel

Nickel low temperature steel is used for storage tanks and pipelines for storage, processing and transportation of liquified ethylene, methane, natural gas, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. 9Ni steel plates produced by NISCO for both onshore and marine ultra-low temperature vessels rank the first in terms of number of references in China. NISCO is the first domestic steel producer to produce 9Ni steel plates for LNG ships on a large scale. At present, the market share of NISCO 5Ni and 9Ni ship building plates is 80% and 98.7% respectively. Since 2013, NISCO 9Ni steel plates for LNG ships has been certified by classification societies including BV, CCS, ABS, DNV and GL, and broken the monopoly of the foreign steel producers in 2013. NISCO has completed the delivery for 3 LNG ships with 7,175 tons plates in total. 9Ni steel plates for 15 onshore LNG tanks in China had been supplied by NISCO with the total amount of 37,500 tons from 2010 to April 2018. NISCO has successively won the bid of many key projects, such as CNPC Jiangsu LNG project which is the large one of its kind in China, CNOOC Tianjin LNG project which is the subproject of National Pilot Project of Clean Energy Floating Technology, and the first Floating Storage Regasification Unit in China.

Product Information

Grade Size(mm*mm*mm) Standard
09MnNiDR、15MnNiDR、08Ni3DR 6-100*1500-4700*L GB/T 3531
06Ni9DR 6-50*1500-4700*L GB/T 3531
07Ni5DR 6-50*1500-4700*L Q/320116 NJGT 202
13MnNi6-3、12Ni14 6-80*1500-4700*L EN 10028-4
X12Ni5、X7Ni9 6-50*1500-4700*L EN 10028-4

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