Clad Plates

Clad plates are mainly used in the fields including corrosion prevention, pressure vessel manufacturing, electrical power construction, petrochemical industry, pharmaceuticals, light industry and automobile. NISCO is one of the major domestic steel enterprises engaged in the development and production of clad plates. The development and production of clad plates are listed in the 13th five-year plan of NISCO. NISCO has allocated the dedicated technical team for the development and production of clad plates, and was awarded with the contracts with 3,485 tons steel plates including 310 tons clad plates in the bid for Steel Box Girder of CRSBG Meizhou-Chaoshan Railway, 4,474 tons S31603 and Q370qE clad plates in the for Wufengshan Highway and Railway Bridge Project of Lianyungang-Zhenjiang Railway using the largest amount of clad plates in the world and more than 1700 tons clad plates for acetone tanks in  Zhejiang petrochemicals. NISCO undertook The Northwest Shunbeichuan Tarim River Project of SINOPEC, which was the first time of NISCO to undertake oil-gas clad pipeline project.

Product Information

Grade Size(mm*mm*mm) Standard
Covering Material:S30408、S30403、S31608、 31603、S32168、S41008、S22053、 TA1、TA2 8-50mm*1000-3500*L GB/T 8165 GB/T 8547
Base Material:Q235B、Q345B、Q245R、 Q345R、Q370qD/E、L415、L450 etc. 8-50mm*1000-3500*L GB/T 8165 GB/T 8547

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