Hydropower Steel

Hydropower plates are widely used for hydropower station construction, and now the complete range of steel grades can be produced by NISCO. NISCO successfully became the supplier for Xinjiang Jinghe hydropower station project and tapped into the market of pumped storage power station of State Grid, and won the bids of pumped storage power station projects in Fengning, Jixi and Yimeng successively, especially for Yimeng project, plates for all pressure steel pipes were supplied by NISCO. NISCO also had won the bids of a number of key projects such as Baihetan hydropower station (China Three Gorges Corporation), Changlongshan hydropower station (China Three Gorges Corp), Liyang hydropower station (GUSEN, Jiangsu), Shangtongba hydropower station (China Power Group Corp), Hubei Jiangpinghe hydropower station, Iran Chamshir hydropower station and Myanmar THA-HIAY Hydropower Station, etc.

Product Information

Grade Size(mm*mm*mm) Standard
N610CF、N800CF 10-130*1500-4700*L Q/320116 NJGT 223or technical agreement
07MnMoVR 10-60*1500-4700*L GB/T 19189
P460QL1、P690QL1 10-100*1500-4700*L EN 10028-6

Customer Manager

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