Railway Steel

NISCO railway steel products are widely used for the components including subway bogies, coach bogies, traction cushions, etc. Since 2013 when only metro bogie is involved, the products has been used on various aspects of railway  traffic, such as power locomotives、monorail subway turnout and others through unremitting efforts, the annual sales volume of which reaches some 12,000 tons. NISCO products have been supplied to many projects including Hangzhou Subway, Venezuela Subway, Argentina Power Locomotive. NISCO sticks to the concept of “one step ahead” in the new material field, and committed to stronger, excellent and professional in the field of railway steel. As the new supplier of monorail subway turnout steel of Bombardier, NISCO successfully got the order of weather resistant steel with grade ranging between Q345ENH and Q460qENH for Wuhu Monorail Project contracted by Bombardier, which was the first application of domestic material in monorail turnout by replacing the imported material with NISCO being the sole supplier.

Product Information

Grade Size(mm*mm*mm) Standard
P275NL1、P355NL1 6-100*1800-3300*L EN 10028-3 or technical agreement
S355J2W 6-100*1800-3300*L EN 10025-5 or technical agreement
16MnDR、16MnDR-ZJ 6-100*1800-3300*L GB/T 3531 or technical agreement
Q345D、Q345E 6-100*1800-3300*L GB/T 1591 or technical agreement
Q450NQR1 6-20mm*1800-3300*L TB/T 1979

Customer Manager

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