Nuclear Power Steel

Nuclear power steel is used for nuclear power station construction. NISCO keeps up with the development of nuclear power industry and makes great efforts to develop nuclear power plates and takes the leading position in terms of both sales volume and technical reservation. NISCO has won the bid of SNPTC Sanmen project (type of reactor AP1000) Haiyang Project. NISCO is the main supplier for unit No.5 and No.6 of SNPTC Fuqing Project and unit No.3 and No.4 of CGN Fangcheng Port Project that using the same technology as Hualong No.1 with the third generation nuclear technology.

Product Information

Grade Size(mm*mm*mm) Standard
P265GH、P295GH、P355GH 6-100*1500-4700*L EN 10028-2 or technical agreement
SA-738GrB 6-130*1500-4700*L ASME SA-738/SA-738M
Q265GH、Q295GH、Q355GH 6-100*1500-4700*L technical agreement

Customer Manager

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