NISCO supplied 30 pct of oil and gas pipeline steel nationwide

Time: 2018-11-27   Author: 匿名   Times of Browsing: 3134

The first stage of Sinopec Erdos-Anping-Cangzhou Gas Pipeline, one of the major energy projects of China’s 13th five-year plan, was put into operation successfully on Nov 15, which realized the gas transmission to Hebei province on schedule and will effectively ease the imbalance between supply and demand of natural gas in Northern China. According to the news released by NISCO, 60 percent of the pipeline steel of this project is supplied by NISCO. As the top 3 in China, the pipeline steel supplied by NISCO for manufacturing longitudinal welded pipes has more than 30 percent market share among the national level key oil-gas transmission projects the construction of which started in 2018. The pipeline steel produced by NISCO had been selected by the projects across China such as China-Russia East-Route Gas Pipeline in the east, Erdos-Anping-Cangzhou Gas Pipeline in the middle, Xinjiang Coal-to-gas Pipeline Project in the west. The sale of pipeline steel in NISCO started in 2005 and more than 3.5 million tons of pipeline steel of various specification had been supplied for the oil and gas pipeline projects from home and abroad, with the total pipe length of 9,000 kilometers, said Gu Xin, director of pipeline steel sales department of NISCO. Despite that pipeline steel is one common steel product now, its localization in China was a tough task. 90 percent of pipeline steel was imported during the initial stage of the West-East Gas Pipeline Project. NISCO spent a lot of efforts on the localization of pipeline steel and had achieved mass production with high efficiency and low cost. The first pipeline steel plate was successfully rolled in NISCO in 2005, which made a breakthrough for the pipeline steel production in China. The homemade pipeline steel wins honors for the nation in the new era, nowadays almost all pipeline steel used in China is homemade. From the first pipeline plate in 2005 to the annual output of one million tons of pipeline steel, NISCO has become the epitome of the development of China’s pipeline steel industry. The homemade pipeline steel was selected by all major oil and gas pipeline networks in China and had also been exported to other countries. For instance, the pipeline steel produced by NISCO had been exported to more than 40 countries and regions worldwide and had been approved by world-renowned energy giants including Saudi Aramco and Shell. NISCO had cooperated with the pipe manufacturers in the countries including Egypt, India, Turkmenistan successively along with the Belt and Road Initiative, and serves the infrastructure projects in the countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.